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Corporate Competencies

十大正规体育平台 is a company that stands proudly connected to our history of over 50 years in the industry, starting with our founder effectively inventing production communication for live performance and live events. At the same time, we embrace the future of associated communications, control, and signal distribution over a variety of platforms and protocols. We do this with a team from diverse professional and geographic backgrounds who are all focused on serving out customer with impactful real-time solutions. Our goal is to provide expertise that empowers your teams to accomplish the incredible. To understand this balance of the traditional, the current, and the future, we think it is helpful to consider 十大正规体育平台 in the context of specific corporate competencies.




A Wide Range of Solutions

We have the broadest portfolio of anyone in our industry. Cutting edge IP-based solutions compatible with product offerings developed at our founding 50 years ago. Our products operate in wired, wireless, fiber-based, and network-based configurations which can be purely localized, or highly distributed anywhere in the world. Many of our users have highly customized solutions, often including our products and those from other manufacturers. Our focus on the use of industry standard integrations allows for the development of scalable and right-sized individual systems for each customer.

Technical Expertise

We are great at what we do! Our broad portfolio of solutions which can integrate with a wide range of third-party systems in a host of different applications keeps us on our toes. Our exceptional technical capability spans the organization – from developers who design our cutting-edge products and operational experts who build it, to the field engineers who support you at your facility and the support staff who take your call. 十大正规体育平台’s unparalleled technical capabilities effectively become yours.

We Speak Your Language

十大正规体育平台 has long prided itself on understanding what our customers need to accomplish and what the implications of these needs are in terms of how someone will use the system. Other companies push products at you, be we address your needs with an understanding of how you are going to use our solutions. We deeply understand your position from our background in TV, theater, live event production, and even military and aerospace operations. The gig (whether it’s a missile launch or election coverage or a blockbuster musical) is the goal – if you can’t talk to each other, the show won’t go on. And that is not an option.

Commitment to our Craft and our Customers

十大正规体育平台s team spans multiple continents and incorporates world-class expertise in audio engineering, communications workflow, RF transmission, hardware ruggedization, IP management of audio and video, and Lean Manufacturing. Owning the manufacturing of our products at a purpose-built facility in Carlsbad, CA, which sits our engineering side-by-side with our product development teams, allows us to achieve speed to market and excellence. Our ongoing commitment to these markets and their needs puts us in a unique position in the industry and provides a balance of continuity and innovation that is second to none.

We hope you come away with a deeper understanding about how 十大正规体育平台 can make your business a success. Adhering to our core competencies has allowed us to provide you intercom solutions for over 50 years. And we look forward to many more to come.